If you considering you next pet, and you want something a little different.

A snake must be a consideration providing you are not scared by the sight of them.

Beyond popular belief, a snake is a fantastic pet and really can make the perfect house pet. They are not going to want cuddles and attention all the time, but this can be perfect for someone who wants a low maintenance pet.

Costing less yearly than a dog, cat or even a hamster. A snake is also exotic and not your everyday house pet.

The Best Pet Snakes

If you’re looking at your first pet snake, corn snakes, king snakes & ball pythons are by far the best for you.

  • Growing to a manageable size for any novice keeper.
  • Easy to keep the husbandry of their enclosure correct.
  • Do not need constant attention to live a happy life.
  • Poop once every 1 – 2 weeks only.
  • Need feeding once every 1 – 2 weeks.
  • Readily tolerate handling.
  • Hardy with little to no common health issues.

When you look at all the pros of a pet snake, it is mind boggling that more people do not keep them as pets.

The only requirement that is daily is spot cleaning (looking for snake poop in cage) & giving a freshwater dish.

Taking no longer than 5 minutes per day to keep a happy snake makes them perfect for owners who live a busy life.

Seconding this is handling, snakes do not require handling on a regular basis, given a big enough enclosure, snakes do not ever need to be handled at all.

In the wild, these reptiles are left to fend for themselves for their entire life. Meaning if you are looking for a display pet, a snake fits the bill perfectly.

Vivarium Snake

Costs Of Owning a Pet Snake

As with every pet in the world, the largely depends on which species of snake you go for.

Corn snakes can be picked up from $10+, other rarer species of snake or morphs can get to the $10,000+.

Getting the most expensive snake does not enhance the experience of being a snake owner.

My first pet was an Anery corn snake which cost me $30 and he is and always will be my favourite (Rudi).

You will need some money to start off before even considering buying your pet, the initial setup cost often exceeds the cost of the snake.

Though once you have all the needed equipment for the setup, these will last the lifetime of the snake’s lifespan.


Costs of owning a snake:

  • Enclosure – $50 – $150
  • Thermostat – $40 – $100
  • Heat source $10 – $40
  • Water dish $0 – $10
  • Bedding $0 – $10 every 2 months
  • Cleaning equipment – $25
  • Feeding tongues – $10
  • Frozen food – $3 per week (Size & Bulk dependant)
  • Electric – $5 per month (Average for 1 snake)
  • Highest Total $346
  • Monthly Cost – $8

Best Pet snake By size

Snakes range in size massively from just 1ft up to the biggest snake in the world (reticulated python) which was recorded at 34ft long.

We are going to break down the best snakes for each category, the small and medium sized snakes have so many great options that 2 or 3 are consider the best for that best sized snake.

Small Pet Snakes 

Medium Pet Snakes

We do not recommend anyone to get a large snake as a first-time pet.

These snakes grow rapidly and become unmanageable if you are not a well experienced snake keeper.


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