For some the perception of a snake is a ruthless killer which hunts and attacks animals and people.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, and here is why.

A snake will only attack a food source, as they are carnivores, snakes must eat meat to survive.  A mouse is the most common to fall victim to a snake. It is the perfect size for most snakes and will be sufficient for most to be able to swallow whole.

Now, snakes do not attack humans or other animals in the wild for sport. Often misinterpreted when someone comes in close contact without seeing a snake a conflict will happen.

Snakes will fire off warning strikes if they feel they are in threat of being eaten. Snakes (especially young snakes) are vulnerable to a lot of predators in the wild and must defend themselves.

Defensive strikes are out of fear of being eaten, therefor a snake is more than capable of being scared.

Due to how immobile some snake species are, they live in a high state of fear or defensiveness throughout their entire life.

Boa Constrictor Face

What are snakes afraid of?

Snakes are afraid of anything they feel puts their life in danger, like any animal or human.

Most commonly we see videos of snakes “attacking people” but if you look into this further.

Within every video we see, a person has closed the distance to the snake, not the other way round. We are yet to find a video of a snake actively hunting a human, please send it to us if you have one!

A snake is not the fastest in comparison to other animals, so if a snake is under the idea it can’t run. The second-best option would fight in fear of its life.

The list of predators for a snake is near endless, more so for the non-venomous species of snake.

The most iconic venomous snakes fear is the honey badger, they are mostly immune to the venomous and very often hunted by patrolling badgers.

Snake Brumation

Are Snakes Afraid Of Dogs?

Yes, snakes are scared of dogs, they are fast and very big in some dog breeds.

This common meeting in urban areas between a dog and venomous snake is never going to end well. 

Dogs are bouncy and love to investigate, snakes see fast movement as an attack without thought. Because of this many dogs are bitten from venomous snakes and equal number of snakes are killed by dogs. Unfortunately, there is no winner in, this & yet it can’t be prevented.

Should You Fear Snakes?

No, there is no need.

If you live in area that has snakes. Avoid invading their personal space and if they are close or in your home. You must call an authority to remove the snake.

Along as you keep more than 5 meters from a snake, they will not disturb you. Walking past at this distance will not startle a snake or cause them to be afraid of you.

If you find yourself close to snake, slowly back away always facing the snake until you are 5 meters or more and leave, they be.

Snakes don’t take kindly to being stroked, believe us we tried 🙂

Do Snakes Sense Fear?

Ever since harry potter came out, this question gained some traction.

Snakes do not feed off fear. Snakes pick up small vibrations from their prey moving and track them.

Almost all mice never see a snake until it is too late, they are not able to fear what they do not know is about to happen. 

A snake is an opportunistic feeder and must eat when a meal presents itself to them.


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