The infamous banana ball python is one of the most beautiful single combination morph.

Though there are some morphs of the banana morph that we would avoid.

The banana and the spider gene combined due to the head wobble from the spider ball python genetics.

How Much Are Banana Ball Pythons?

Every year snakes become less and less pricey, when the banana gene was new and rare. Snakes was selling for up to $20,000 or £15,000.

As each year goes by the population increases by up to 6 times from the offspring.

Breeders often see the newest snake morph as a great idea for investment and for future breeding. But because of the rapid decline in price each year, it usually takes 2 – 5 clutches of eggs to break even.

Currently you can find the banana ball python for as little as $250/ £200 which is crazy to think when just 8 years ago this was valued at $20,000.

It is unlikely for them to become much cheaper than this, so now is the perfect time to get yourself a pet banana ball python.

Whats The Difference

No, the only difference between a wild type royal python and a banana is the colour. The banana morph is not found in the wild, different genes are altered and strip creating the colour you see today.

Here are some images of the banana gene combined with other morphs!

Is Care Diffrent For a Banana Morph?

Care for all ball pythons are the same no matter which colour phase they are.

If you are looking getting a banana ball python as your first pet snake.

Check out our complete ball python care guide to see everything you will need and what this species of snake is like as a pet.

We do recommend the ball python to new-keepers due to how slow they move, and the care is super simply once setup correctly.

The banana morph is one of the most popular colours and is absolutely more striking in person.

If you are thinking of a banana ball python morph, you will not be disappointed.

Albino or Banana Ball Python?

Telling the difference between a banana and albino morph is easy.

Both have the yellow colour, but a banana has a secondary colour of silvery/grey and an albino ball python has a white secondary colour.

Both are great looking snakes but here at reptilekingdoms we give the winner for most beautiful to the banana every time.  


  1. Eddie

    Mine has a problem with yawning what is the best thing to do?

    • Grant

      Hi Eddie,

      When you say a problem with yawning.
      Is you snake yawning a-lot? if it is very frequent you are better to take your snake to the vet as something my be stuck in their throat.
      But if it is just occasionally (Every couple of days) then this is nothing to worry about.
      Another thing to check would be is the snake showing any signs of an RI? mucus around the nose and/or mouth.


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