There are so many different lizards today, it makes finding the right one for you sometimes difficult and confusing. We have created a list of the best pet lizards and a short list of lizards you should avoid.

Before even looking through this guide any further. Ask yourself  these few questions as follows:

  • How much space do I have?
  • Is a lizard going to disturb any other animals?
  • Do you want to handle them frequently?
  • Are you wanting your children to be able to handle them?

These questions will help you limit the options for the best pet lizard. It is just helpful to know what you are looking for in practical terms first before seeing a stunning exotic lizard which requires a huge caging and have a very strict husbandry to remain healthy. This could put you off pet lizards forever.

1. Crested Gecko

A beautiful array of colours, the crested gecko is a perfect pet lizard for new and experienced keepers. They tolerate handling well and it is always fun as cresties love to jump from time to time.

These lizards are such interesting reptiles and so much to learn about these complex animals.

Care is among the simplest, once setup crested geckos are a low maintain animal. Another plus for the crested gecko is they do not need live foods such as crickets or other insects. There are repashy pots which have the required nutrients in a jelly form.

The housing space is the smallest requirement of any pet lizard, this is why the crested gecko is first to be shown. It has so many pro’s and are not too expensive to buy. You could even try your hand at breeding as they are easy to breed too.

2. Bearded Dragon

The most popular pet lizard is the bearded dragon. This is for good reason. Beardies can make fantastic pet lizards.

A hardy lizard, meaning the setup requirements do not have to be pin-point accurate to keep a healthy dragon. They are known as the gateway lizard. After owning one you become hooked with the reptile bug and end up with more lizards than there is wild animals.

There are some small downsides to this reptile and why they are not first in this list. We found their claws to be problematic when handled by young children as the claws are quite long. This is very picky but is something to consider.

Second is the housing, an adult bearded dragon will need a vivarium that is 4ft in length. So get measuring where the cage is going to go, because your baby bearded dragon is going to grow.

Bearded dragons do make fantastic pets as they are happy just to sit and chill with you. Yes, they are very lazy lizards, and this is great when you want to watch a film.

3. Chinese Water Dragon

If you have a little more time to dedicate to a pet lizard, a Chinese water dragon may be for you. After all who doesn’t want to own a dragon!

The dedication part is for handling, you will need to slowly work with your pet dragon to gain trust and build a bond. This usually takes between 4 – 12 weeks but can take longer and must be maintained throughout their life.

Their vivarium is going to be large also 5ft – 7ft high and 5ft long is going to take up a lot of your living room!

They are beautiful lizards and if you have the space and fancy a more exotic lizard, we would recommend a Chinese water dragon as the best for this.

4. Leopard Gecko

Leopards are very common and are fantastic for the new keeper, they come in a large variety of colour phases and care is really easy too.

Leopard geckos can show aggression, but this is very rare and due to only having tiny teeth it is kind of funny when they do hiss.

Space needed for a leopard gecko is tiny, they do not climb often so 1ft high is perfectly fine and 2ft – 3ft long is plenty of room for an adult. If you are considering getting a leopard gecko you will not be disappointed, we have a full leopard gecko guide that will explain ownership in more detail.

5. Blue tongue Skink

The new kid on the block, blue tongue skinks are becoming more and more popular as great pet lizards, they are such interesting characters and the care is simple.

A lizard that is slightly heavier than other lizards on this list, the blue tongue skink is definitely a lizard you should considered before choosing your pet lizard.

They have a naturally docile nature and easy to handle, these slow-moving lizards are also great for laying on your lap whilst you watch TV.

The wild card of the 4 on this list, if you like the look of the blue tongue skink why not read our complete guide and see if they are pet you have been looking for.

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