Butter ball pythons are great pets, these snakes are growing each year in captivity both in the USA and UK.

This ball python morph is a more subtle colour change than other and is not noticeable unless you know what to look for!

A butter ball python has a softer brown colour almost wash out looking than the strong brown on a normal ball python.

A caramel has a softer blending of colours in general, like they are pastel colours not a deep intense colouration.

The yellows on what would a normal ball python are turned into a light caramel look as you can see from the picture references and the differences are clear.

Is Care Any Different?

No, this is still a ball python at heart and all the care remains the snake, just breeders have helped develop these fantastic looking snakes.

As time goes on with the forever growing list of genes, we can’t wait to see some of the amazing designer morphs that are to come.

Butter Ball Python Gene

Ball pythons unless the wild type snake have genes that are either dominant, co-dominant or recessive. 

All butter ball pythons are one of these, they cannot change from snake to snake, so all butter ball pythons are co-dominant. 

This means that the colouration of the butter ball python is able to mix and be bred with other genes to create a combination of the butter and another colour morph.

What also is great about co-dominant is there is a super form of butter, so if two butter snakes are bred together a super of that gene has the potential to hatch.  

Weirdly the super form of the butter ball python is a nearly jet white snake, as show below it is nothing like the two that would be bred to make this super morph snake.

Another name for this is the blue-eyed leucistic ball python.

Other popular ball pythons that have the butter gene included are: 

Butter pastel – very similar looking but has sharper lines than just the butter gene alone. 

Butter cinnamon – this snake takes the patterning of the cinnamon and the faded coloration of the butter gene; this is a stunning snake. This snake is known as the Lithium ball python.

Albino butter – this combination of genes takes more to the albino than the butter, but where the whites of the albino are become a more yellow-ish tint rather than jet white.

Breeding Butter Ball Pythons

Yes absolutely, but do not expect to make much if not any money from snake breeding.

We at reptilekingdoms just love to have pet snakes and breed for the love of breeding, we do not care about the money just the snake breeding experience is amazing!

As so many people jumped onto the band wagon, snakes are now like cars and cost less and less as the years go by.

More about the butter ball python

Dependant on what state you are from really dictates the price, also is the bloodline of the snake.

This can range from around $60 – $500 just to have the butter ball python gene, if you want to get a snake that has extra genes the price can really begin to sky-rocket at this point at around $5,000.

Unless you plan on breeding further genes into a snake, we do not understand how you can justify not going with the single gene for an average of $150.


  1. Gemma

    Hi, Thanks for the article, very informative and found everything i needed to know.

  2. Shelton Dore

    So if you breed snake because you love to breed snakes and not for the money why are the snakes so expensive? 🤔

    • Grant

      Hi Shelton,

      This is a good point, people breed snake morphs that are reasonably priced. But if you are looking for a ball python morph that is quite rare the price is naturally going to go up for the snake.

      We love all and even the normal ball pythons are absolutely stunning and cheap when compared to other pets.

      Hope this helps!

  3. beverly minyard

    It’s super cool learning about all the different kinds of genes and color morphs! Like how breeders are able to achieve all the varients like butter pastel, putter cinnamon, and albino butter which are all carefully bred to get those results. I’ve always wanted a ball python but I am a little apprehensive about the care specifically the feeding part, but seeing all these beautiful snakes makes me want to change my mind!

    • Grant

      Hi Beverly,

      Yes it awesome learning about the endless morphs!
      Its great that you are taking your time before getting your first ball python, keep researching until you feel confident they are the perfect pet snake for you.
      If you do decide to get a ball python, morphs are just a bonus as they are all fantastic pets!


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