Snakes will pass air they may build up, assuming this is the case, snakes are capable of “farting”, but this is a little different from a snake than it would be from any other animal.

Due to flatulence is a build-up of gas that is released by bacteria feeding on the gut contents to create the “snake fart” build up. Though these bacteria are built up more in herbivores diet, this does not happen in a snake’s gut as they strictly eat only live meals.

Snakes do not eat plants not or vegetables, this applies to all species of snake. There will be little to no build-up of methane which is why us humans and other animals fart.

Though snakes never actively eat plant-based foods, this does not mean that it is not possible for a snake to ingest a plant.

When eating, the rodent or prey item will have some form of plant-based food within its stomach, seconding this, snake may eat prey items with grass or other leaves etc… stuck to the body of the prey.

My Snake Keeps Farting

If you snake seems to be pushing out wind often, this could be a cause of concern and therefore you must seek veterinary opinion to be sure that this is normal and there is not underlying issue surrounding this.

For the most part this could be one of two things, an RI which is the equivalent of a common cold for a human but if left untreated this can build and become fatal. If this could be the case, go straight to see your local vet. 

Another can be an impacted air after eating a meal, this is rare, and not often will you come across this but air and be pushed down due to eating prey items that are near airtight when swallowing.

We would always recommend if your snake is doing something like this out the blue or something has changed, it is always better to be safe than sorry, get a professional opinion on this and go see your vet.

So, Do Snakes Actually Fart?

Yes, it is completely possible for a snake to fart and this has been captured on video with an owner’s ball python farting.

It is likely to be a build-up of air, not causing a smell like a normal release of gas, but it still counts that snakes are in fact capable of farting.

The wind which builds in within a snake are not smelly, or minimal smell. The smell would come from snake poop or urine which will have a heavy smell.


Due to the lack of scientific research surrounding the area, if you have had any experience with a snake farting or releasing gas. Contact us or send your videos for analysis.

We would love to hear what you guys think and also if you disagree, please feel free to comment and we will be more than happy to discuss this further. 


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