The short answr is no, they do not have ears, and cannot hear any sounds as we do. Though it is not visible and is internal.

Snakes actually use and pick up vibrations, as they do not have an audio cue’s around where their prey or predators are.

Their ability to detect minor vibrations is very sensitive and accurate.

Because of this, snakes are not class as deaf because they are still able use vibrations as their own audio.

This is because an apparatus inside the head, which is connected to the jawbone, this allows snakes to not only hear sounds of vibration from the floor which they are on.

 But if a sound is made, they can feel the vibration of it as it passes through the air.

Why Do Snakes Hiss If They Can’t Hear?

Not only Is it a loud noise which they can’t hear but the vibration on the hiss is to cause a predator or other snake to be intimidated by the vibrations. 

Because similar to a lion, it is proven that people do not get the original fear from the roar. It is a light grumble a lion will give off beforehand which humans have adapted to understand as the treat.


Why Does The Jawbone Pick up Vibration

This bone is called the quadrate bone, this is picks up any slight signal as a snake navigates.

When hunting, a snake will constantly rely on this picking up any movements or sounds of a potential meal. 

Some species of snake will actually be wise to this and find an area that picks up more vibrations in a certain area.

Wait in ambush until their prey and let the food come to them. Commonly known for boa constrictors to do this method of hunting in the wild.

How do snakes survive being deaf to sound?

This is where a snake is such an interesting animal that has kept thriving throughout history.

With no arms, legs and can’t hear, it really makes you think how these amazing reptiles have been able to stay so populated and avoid extinction.

As they lack in these departments, snakes have adapted well and have such a fine-tuned smell and tracking ability. Also, snakes serve the purpose of keeping pest rodents down and from overpopulating wild areas.

Do Snakes Have Bones


Snakes do not have any visible ears across any species in the world, but they do have a hearing aid which is picked up with vibrations and this is ultra-sensitive in snake and allows them to track their pray from distance and be wary of any predators close by.


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