Snakes are so commonly misunderstood as an aggressive animal that will eat anything in its path.

This could not be further from the truth about snakes!

Firstly, we are bias, and we understand this, but we have converted thousands of people from their preconceived idea of what a snake is.

Our personal favourite is “Snakes are slimy”. Snakes are not slimy and the shine you see on a snake is similar to that of a leather feel, you know the one you have as car seats.

Snakes are awesome, as pets and in the wild. They eat to survive and do not kill for sport or fun.

There is yet to be an official confirm case of a snake eating a fully grown adult.

Saying this, snakes do pose a threat for smaller animals and rodents, even children if the snake is big enough.

If the snake sees that it can swallow it whole, a snake will actively try to hunt the prey down or ambush them.

The way a snake hunts is another reason that causes fear.

Snakes striking are much faster than any human can move, because of this it puts you at a disadvantage and you’re under the snake’s behaviour when interacting with them. 

Experience snake owners can move out the way of a striking snake not because they are faster, but because they are holding the snake body.

Milli seconds before striking, a snake will tense its body which allows them to propel forward at incredible speeds.

What Makes People Scared of Snakes?

We work with them 24/7 all the time, we rarely get bit and have never had anyone got to a hospital from a snake or heard of it for that matter.

Their appearance is everything, how a snake has adapted to the wild to hunt, has made them appear as though they are angry and looking to hurt someone or something.

Which in fact they are, their food which a snake must eat to survive.

If you are scared of snakes, we challenge you to go to a local pet store and look at them and watch what they do. 95% of people will report back saying, the snake did nothing just laze about.

 This is about the extent of it and it is the same in the wild.

Why do snakes Bite humans?

Due to be an ambush predator, snakes will hide in small bush’s and hidden areas.

Snake bites to humans happen for the most part when they are stood on by accident and react or feel cornered in a hole without escape.

This is a defence, all snakes can show a defensive side, more so when they are young because they are vulnerable to predators and must protect themselves.

Are Snakes Scared of us?

Snakes are afraid of other animals and humans, because of this fear snakes are left with 2 options. 

First get away from the conflict and fee the area. Some snakes have been known to hide under rocks or places that makes it difficult for larger predators.

Second is occurs more often when the other is fast or persistent, hiss, striking and doing anything they can to avoid being eaten by another animal is a must for their survival.

There are numerous videos on YouTube which showcase this in the wild, honey badgers are a common threat for both nonvenomous and venomous snakes alike.

If you look closely, if the snake see opportunity to get away from the conflict they do.

Funny Snake With Hat


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