Corn snakes are known as a smaller sized snake, so how big do corn snakes get?

A small – medium sized snake, corns are the perfect starter snake for new reptile keepers. On average a corn will grow to 3-4ft, this sounds absolutely huge but because a snake is never completely straight, this is more like 1ft of space of winding corn snake.

What is great about the corn is how easy they are to handle, they are around the perfect one-person handling size, you can hold a corn snake with one hand or two, but never do they feel difficult to hold.

A corn that is considered to be large is over 4.5ft long, this is typical for older snake that are over the age of 10, there are multiple reasons as to why a corn would grow larger than another such as:

  • Genetics
  • Meal Frequency
  • Meal Size
  • Age

What determines a corn snakes size?

Genetics is something that is super hard to predict a snake’s growth, but if you want the best chances of getting that monster corn snake, looking at the parents will give a good insight into how big the offspring is going to be.

Meal frequency and size plays a big part in the adult length, but this applies more so to the snake when young. In the first 3 years is where a corn snake will see 80% of its growth, so feeding a healthy diet of food that is optimal for growth will increase how big a corn snake gets.

A Test by brain from BHB Reptiles which included multiple baby snakes which was fed different sized meals and at different frequency’s revealed some interesting results.

Age as before snakes will grow to 80% of the potential in the first 3 years but a snake will never stop growing throughout their life. They may add the inch here and there as adults, but nothing significantly will develop.

Now we must stress that not all snakes will grow to big sizes regardless of feeding, do not power feed a snake as this is unhealthy and will cause a premature death.

 If you want to know more about corn snakes click here for our full corn snake guide.


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