It is never the first question that comes to mind when you think of a snake, but after a little thinking it always seems to be the question that pops into snake owners and curious people a likes mind.

Due to how snakes are portrayed by media and films, is it really possible that a snake has any interesting sexual habits or information.

Absolutely! We could start we the first one which is snakes have not one but two penises’!

Yes, this may seem very lucky when men think of this, but they are unable to use their penises independently and are only able to mate with 1 female at a time.

There are more than 3,200 snake species that live on the planet as of 2020 that are spread far and wide across the globe and each and every one of them share the same commonality of having hemipenis.


Now there is 2 main types of mating rituals if you will, the first of which is simply a male snake following the scent of an ovulating female that is nearby.

We say nearby but dependant on the species, they are able to get this scent from up to a mile away. Which in itself is astonishing.

Once the male locates the female snake, he will be beginning to follow her tail until he reaches near the head.

Then becomes the fun stuff for the snake, they begin what is called “locking up” the two snakes will intertwine their tails and hold this position for up to 2 days at a time, during this time the male snake inserts his hemipenis and begins to fertilize the eggs.

Note – A female snake always wants to give the best chances for her offspring to hatch, therefore she will mate with up to 3 males in a short period to give the highest % of successful hatchlings.

Snake mating balls (Orgies)

Yep, it’s a thing.

Certain species of snakes come together just like in the film anaconda and form an enormous ball of mating.

Whilst a lot it is going on during this time the multiple males will be attempting to get the female snake to open her cloaca which is where her reproductive organs are.

And only certain luck males will be able to have the chance to produce more offspring.

Fun fact – Male snakes during the mating ball time have been study to suffocate the female in order to encourage her to defecate and open the cloaca.

May the best snake win

Just like in humans, female snake wants the biggest and strongest male, so this gives her the reassurance her hatchlings have the best chance of survival.

Male snakes sometimes encounter each other at the female, this general results in a face off of some kind.

The most common is the battle of higher head position and pressing the other to the floor, the loser then does not seem worthy of the female and cuts his loses and searches for the next.

The winner usually gets his prize of mating with the ovulating female snake.


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