The cost of the corn snake itself is never going to be the highest cost of ownership like a dog is (unless you get an expensive corn snake morph).

The initial setup for a corn snake adds up with the items you need (read our full corn snake guide for all you need) the first time you get the equipment it is better to get a good quality mat stat and heat mat as these will transfer to the vivarium they have as an adult.

You will need to buy at least 2 vivarium’s which costs on average $150+ for a big and smaller sized one.

Substrate needs changing less frequently only every 2 months for a full clean out, so around $10+ every 2 months.

Energy bills for heating the enclosure and the thermostat itself, this widely ranges but will not cost a whole lot of your corn snake is on a heat mat rather than a bulb, let’s say $5-10 a month max.

Cleaning and hygiene equipment such as a snake poop scooper and F10 cleaning solution are things you need because they are reptile safe. For one corn snake you are unlikely to use more than a F10 mix throughout their entire life so $25 for both.

Thermostat is a very important piece of equipment and for a heat mat, you only need a mat stat which is cheaper around $30+, we always recommend big brands for this as this keeps your snake safe.

Food, frozen mice are readily available and pretty cheap at between $0.80 – $2 depending on how many you order and the size of the mice that your corn snake needs. This will be 4 times a month so $6 a month here.

Decorations for the terrarium is required such as hides and branches, this varies so much since how far you take it depends on the cost, we would guess a ball part of $60 for everything including the water dish.

There are also other things to consider, such as injuries, illness and other unexpected costs, these can run quite the pretty penny in price! But corn snakes are hardy snakes in general.


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