What Corn Snakes Eat?

Corns are not fussy when it comes to mealtime. Corn snakes do not eat plant-based foods, so they primarily eat rodents, lizards and even the occasional egg if it is small enough.

If you are wonder what you are able to feed your pet corn snake, frozen mice are by far the best value and most nutritious meal offering. There are others such as fussy rats or smaller, frozen chicks and multimammate rodents. For a corn snake, a varied diet has shown little to no health benefit for the snake, so sticking to mice throughout their entire like is absolutely fine.

In the wild corn snakes are opportunistic feeders, they have a split second to react and successfully take down their prey. It is rare for a snake to attempt to eat something too big.


90% of a corn snakes’ diet is made up of different species of rodent, though this is not all they eat, if given the chance a corn snake will eat smaller lizards, this is more difficult due to a lizard’s lack of scent. 

Finally, is birds and eggs. This is more common for adult corns due to birds being much stronger. Eggs are again uncommon food but if a corn snake comes across a nest of eggs, they will eat one or two of them. The yolk is digested like any other food.

Corn snakes do not eat crickets, bugs or other insects. Corn snakes do come across these in the wild but do not see them as a prey and ignore them. This is also because of the low body heat these produce. When a corn snake hunts its prey, they will sense the heat and it directs them to their target.

Corn snakes rarely eat other snakes, though it has happened before, they do not actively hunt their own kind unlike the infamous king snake which does eat other king snakes.