Corns are among the cutest looking snakes in the world and it really suits their personality too. They have that curious look about everything, and it is very true, they will look and snoop around anything they find interesting. Baby corn snakes are even more cute with their big eyes and noodle size body.

A corn snake has distinctive features but there are some sub species that look very similar to the corn snake, such as the rat snake. Rat snakes are close relatives to the corn and there is little to no difference between the two apart from size.

Corn snakes’ natural wild colour is orange and red with a black chequered underbelly.

So why are you able to find so many different colours of corn snake?  

The different colour variations are called morphs, moprhs are different colour genetics that have be combined by breeders to change the appearance of a corn snake. 

The most common corn snake morph is the snow or albino corn snake, these snakes are near completely white and are beautiful. This snake is a combination of the Amel & the Anery corn snake together.

The choice of what you want your corn snake to look like has never had so many options available. With each year that goes by corn snake breeders are merging different colour snakes together and making some amazing looking corn snakes.

Scaleless corn snake, yes this is a thing somehow a snake without scales has been breed in captivity and yet to show any signs of negative health benefits. This is a very peculiar looking snake but shows how far breeders have come since the simple albino corn snake.


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