Snakes are well known as eating live animals in the wild, most commonly is rodents and mice.

Also, giant snake eat deer’s in the USA such as Burmese pythons.

But this is not the only types of foods snakes of different species consume.

For example, the egg eating snake eats… you guessed it EGGS!

Also, bugs, insects’ other snakes, lizards the food snakes it is ranges from so widely it is unbelievable.

Did you know that snakes even eat alligators!

A snake is an opportunistic feeder, this means that they are not able to be picky otherwise they could go without food for months or years.

With just milliseconds being the difference of a snake going hungry or getting a food source.

Snakes have adapted to their life in the wild by constriction or injecting venom.

List of foods snakes eat:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Chickens
  • Eggs
  • Deer
  • Capybara
  • Fish
  • Cats (Rarely)
  • Dogs (Rarely)
  • All rodent species.
  • Insects
  • Worms
  • Birds
  • Frogs

Why would a snake eat itself?

Snakes have been known to eat themselves, often being fatal as a result in some cases.

This happens more so with carnivorous species of snake such as the king snake being a prime example.

Why this happens is still yet to be fully explored but as to date, a snake if hungry and sees their chance to eat will take it.

Eating themselves being a monumental mistake.

This can happen if the prey item is close to the tail after being constricted, as the snake lets go.

The snake then proceeds to eat the prey item eventually moving onto their tail, as they think it is part of the prey needing to be swallowed.

Snake Eating Itself

Why won’t my pet snake eat?

If you are having issues with a snake that will not accept food, it is a good chance you have a ball python?

I say this because in 75% of the people who come to us have issues with their pet snake not eating.

Firstly, it is highly dependent on what age the snake is on how worried or not you should be.

If under 6 months and yet to eat consistent meals, you should consider assist feeding.

If you have not done this before, go to a reputable breeder or veterinary as they will be able to help get the snake to take a meal.

More often than not, once they have accepted 2 meals, they will feed as normal from there on.

Now if you have a ball python that is over 2 years old and not fed for 2 – 4 months, this can be normal. This species of snake is renowned for going off food for these periods.

Just keep checking in to see how healthy your pet snake is, are they thin or lethargic?

If so, go straight to a local veterinary for professional advice.

If the snake is well and health, try not to threat and do not offer meals every week or day. offer a prey item every 10 days and if they refuse, keep checking and eventually the snake will come back onto food naturally.


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